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Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

Oct 28, 2017

Today's episode is different from most: For the most part, it's just raw audio from the Climate Week that we built episode 22 on -- namely, the event where Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 unveiled its 10 keys to slashing deforestation by 2020. 

I didn't edit the audio except to adjust volume levels here and there, and I don't pontificate, proselytize, or prognosticate, except towards the end, where they cut away a video that you obviously can't see with your ears.

Here is a list of speakers:

Marco Albani, Director – TFA2020
Michael Jenkins, President & CEO – Forest Trends
Charlotte Streck, Co-Founder and Director – Climate Focus
Dewi Bramono, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement, APP
Jillian Gladstone, Senior Manager, Forests, CDP
Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability, Consumer Goods Forum
Stephen Donofrio, Senior Advisor, Forest Trends
Dharsono Hartono, CEO, Katingan Project
Ashley Allen, Climate & Land Senior Manager, Mars Inc.
Simon Hall, Manager, National Wildlife Federation
Stina Reksten, Senior Advisor, NICFI 
Katie McCoy, Ext. Relations & Knowledge Manager, Partnerships for Forests
Andrew Zollie, VP Global Impact Initiatives, Planet
Nicole Pasricha, Manager, Markets Transformation, Rainforest Alliance
Richard Scobey, President, World Cocoa Foundation
Kavita Prakash-Mani, Practice Leader, Food and Markets, WWF International